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Everyone has the ability to change their community for the better. What will your impact be?

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Founded by a team of mountain folk committed to Appalachian futures where folks thrive, The New School of Participatory Change equips participatory change-makers to regenerate their communities, economies, and nature.

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Join the NSPC community to learn about Participatory Change, community practice, participatory facilitation and management, and connect with other community stewards working to regenerate their communities. 

What is Participatory Change?

Curious about what we mean by participatory change? At the highest level, participatory change is a multifaceted approach that amalgamates popular education, systems change, regenerative design, and community organizing to catalyze meaningful participation and systems change at whatever level you are working. At its core, participatory change is about democratizing the process of change. It’s about moving away from a model where a select few make decisions that affect many, to a model where everyone has a voice and a role in shaping their future. 

Read our blog post, What is Participatory Change?, to learn more.

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